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Expect service with a smile when you work with ECS


"ECS not only has that expertise in lease accounting, but also in our system. It really helped us get a lot more proficient, a lot more professional."

"We’ve been very happy with all the services that ECS provides. I can’t imagine anybody having more expertise than they do, especially for smaller to medium sized finance firms like we are. They’re just the best."

"They do a lot of consulting with our clients, as well as financial accounting. We love referring our clients to ECS because we know when we do they’re going to get taken care of."

Commercial Industrial Finance

Bob Rinaldi, CEO

Allegiant Partners, Inc.

Chris Enbom, CEO, CLFP

LeaseTeam, Inc.

Randy Haug, Executive VP & Co-Founder

Hect | Schondorf

Mark Schondorf

“My CPA at ECS Financial has made it a point to stay in contact with me with regard to my progress and income throughout the year in order to better forecast my estimated taxes and to avoid any tax surprises. Whether filing a personal return, a business or partnership return, or forensic analytics, I believe you will not find a CPA firm that is more knowledgeable, honest, or available than ECS.”

Bob Underwood

“I’ve dealt with ECS for many years and admire their professionalism and Midwest work ethics. Everyone at ECS has been a joy to work with. I really believe that ECS put me on the right track to organize and grow my business. The funny thing is that with such a great business relationship I’ve still become friends with everyone I interacted with at ECS. Who could ask for anything more?”

Marita Kosco

“We wouldn’t have been able to jump start our division with minimal staff if it weren’t for ECS providing invaluable input and expertise from a lease accounting and tax perspective. Everyone I work with at ECS has been responsive and professional, but Sinead Murphy has consistently gone above and beyond at all times.”

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Shawn Smith, CEO

“ECS and several employees have always had great service, specifically when it comes to legitimate advice, timely responses and getting the work done in a timely fashion. Shari Lipski, Nancy Geary and Jay Dahl have always had a great attitude when working with us, and we appreciate them and the team backing them very much. I have had a great experience working with ECS and will continue to do business with them for our taxes going forward.”

Michael Green

“ECS has been a tremendous, valued resource that we use on a daily basis.  From handling our monthly sale/use taxes to big picture specialty finance, they have been an accounting expertise that we have relied upon strategically for a litany of projects over the past 15 years. ECS is truly invaluable to our business.”

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Had a 5 Star Experience with ECS?

It's our goal make sure you are always gettting excellent customer service. 

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At ECS, we are experts in lease portfolio management. We know the complexities that come along with trying to manage your leasing portfolio while balancing other business needs. Let us help you make sense of it all.

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