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Highly Efficient IT Support

Work with experts to upgrade your business with IT Services

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IT Consulting

Dependable technology is imperative to keeping your business running smoothly, and even the smallest hiccup can cause hours of lost productivity. Our affiliate, Liventus, has a staff of experienced IT specialists ready to assist you with all of your pressing technology issues from hardware installation and applications, to firewalls and network support.

Our IT Consulting Services:

  • Installation, migration, testing, and support

  • Preventative system monitoring

  • Hardware maintenance – local and remote

  • Software updates – manual or automatic

  • System performance optimization

  • Centralized mobile device management and security

  • Firewall, encryption, virus, spyware, and spam protection

  • IT set-up for new employees


With IT Help Desk Services, you can be assured that your needs will be diagnosed and addressed promptly. When you work with Liventus, you reap the benefits:

  • Improved operational performance as problems are quickly addressed

  • Improved customer experience as your business rapidly regains functionality

  • Reduced opportunity costs as your business addresses malfunctioning systems

  • Reduced stress dealing with complex IT issues

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“We wouldn’t have been able to jump start our division with minimal staff if it weren’t for ECS providing invaluable input and expertise from a lease accounting and tax perspective.”

-Marita Kosco,

Wintrust Capital

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“ECS has been a tremendous, valued resource that we use on a daily basis. They have been an accounting expertise that we have relied upon strategically for a litany of projects over the past 15 years. ECS is truly invaluable to our business.”

-Michael Green,

Dakota Financial, LLC

Specialty Funding Group

“I’ve dealt with ECS for many years and admire their professionalism and Midwest work ethics. I really believe that ECS put me on the right track to organize and grow my business. Who could ask for anything more?”

-Bob Underwood,

Specialty Funding


Liventus, an affiliate of ECS Financial Services, Inc., is a technology services firm that has been helping businesses with IT support since 2002.  Our professional staff of over 40 includes IT project managers, programmers, network administrators, and quality assurance engineers.  Liventus has worked with numerous businesses to help implement and/or streamline complex business processes through automation programming. 

Liventus is one of our sister companies! 

We trust Liventus for all our IT services, and so should you. This isn’t a third party connection, but a part of the ECS family. Ask us about IT consulting, business process automation, network management, and other IT needs.

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ECS Fact

Along with overseeing and managing all of your tax assignments, we can help you manage your lease portfolio. ECS Financial specializes in the leasing industry, so we know the many complexities that come along with managing a leasing portfolio. Let us help your business.

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