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Employee Recruitment

ECS has developed a proven recruitment platform that tests potential candidates through our online application process to see if they are qualified for a specific position. Our system can quickly identify top candidates based on a variety of categories and filter through a multitude of applicants with ease.


Make hiring a breeze with ECS

  • Streamline the recruitment process

  • Get help with applicant assessment

  • Receive applicant recommendations

  • Reduce the time and expense of recruitment activities

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Quickly identify highly qualified candidates


Our team of IT programmers are committed to delivering exceptional service, from start to finish. We’ll customize the recruitment software for your company, and even provide comprehensive support on an ongoing basis. Once the software is configured, it will evaluate potential candidates through a series of tests, and will find the best possible match for your open position.


Once the candidate submits their resume and information, they are required to take a test using our hiring platform Recruiting Builder™. The test includes job specific questions and an aptitude test. The applicant is then given a quality score based on their overall performance.


When the system narrows down the best candidates to interview based on quality score and aptitude, we will either conduct a phone interview internally, or attend formal interviews with you and your staff.  Recruiting Builder™ offers questions designed to elicit thoughtful discussion about background and strengths/weaknesses.


After potential candidates undergo our rigorous application process, ECS will select the best candidates based on their test results and phone interviews. We will assess a candidate on their fit from both a professional experience and corporate culture perspective.


ECS will present candidates recommended for a formal company interview. The recommendations will include resumes, test results and notes from the phone screening assessment. ECS will facilitate the selection process with your decision-making team members, prepare offer letters, and follow through with the successful completion of your hiring process.

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“We wouldn’t have been able to jump start our division with minimal staff if it weren’t for ECS providing invaluable input and expertise from a lease accounting and tax perspective.”

-Marita Kosco,

Wintrust Capital

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“ECS has been a tremendous, valued resource that we use on a daily basis. They have been an accounting expertise that we have relied upon strategically for a litany of projects over the past 15 years. ECS is truly invaluable to our business.”

-Michael Green,

Dakota Financial, LLC

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“I’ve dealt with ECS for many years and admire their professionalism and Midwest work ethics. I really believe that ECS put me on the right track to organize and grow my business. Who could ask for anything more?”

-Bob Underwood,

Specialty Funding

We know the secret to finding the best candidates! 

ECS has developed software to zero in on applicants that can really do the job. Recruiting Builder™ puts candidates through a series of tests that will measure their aptitude for the position, filter out the less desirable candidates and allow you to focus your time interviewing top recruits. 

Find the best candidates ECS Financial Services

At ECS, we are experts in lease portfolio management. We know the complexities that come along with trying to manage your leasing portfolio while balancing other business needs. Let us help you make sense of it all.