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Cost Effective Professional Tax Assistance

Work with experts to make sure all of your tax needs are met.

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Get Started with Estate & Trust Tax Services and Planning

ECS has the expertise to properly prepare and file income tax returns for estates and trusts. However, tax returns are only one piece of the planning process. At ECS, our highly qualified CPAs will work with you to achieve and manage your financial goals while helping to develop a clear plan for today and beyond. 

How ECS Can Help You

  • Provide a customized strategy that fits your objectives

  • Maximize tax savings while balancing the financial needs of your family

  • Analyze estate liquidity

  • Evaluate charitable gifting options and techniques

  • Assess retirement strategies

  • Decide the timing of distributions from IRAs, 401(k) plans or other qualified plans


Often times, people put off planning for their financial future. At ECS, our highly qualify CPAs will help you create a custom plan and work with your attorney or other professional advisors to provide an efficient solution to meet your financial needs and goals. Let ECS help you develop an ongoing strategy to reach your financial objectives for retirement and wealth management.

Commercial Industrial Finance Video Testimonial
ECS Financial Services

Commercial Industrial Finance Video Testimonial

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Along with overseeing and managing all of your tax assignments, we can help you manage your lease portfolio. ECS Financial specializes in the leasing industry, so we know the many complexities that come along with managing a leasing portfolio. Let us help your company.


Over 50 years & still going strong!

ECS has been providing estate and trust tax planning and services for over 50 years. Don't worry - our experienced professionals can help you create a proper financial plan and provide you peace of mind.

50 Years estate and trust tax returns ECS Financial Services
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