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Recuperate Tax Dollars

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Get Prepared with a Reverse Sales & Use Tax Audit

As tax authorities become more aggressive in auditing sales and use tax compliance, it’s more important than ever to ensure your business is compliant. With a Reverse Sales Tax Audit, the experts at ECS will review your transactions in the same way a state auditor would, but with one major difference: rather than finding more for you to pay, we’ll look for overpayments and exemptions.

What ECS can do for you:

  • Review your exposure

  • Prepare an audit strategy

  • Identify potential issues and exemptions

  • Correct the process that allowed for overpayment

  • Help recover the overpaid tax dollars


Review Your Transactions

Once we have a better idea of how your business operates, we can take a closer look at your tax issues. We’ll review your sales tax returns and Accounts Payable invoices to locate any issues or exemption opportunities.


Get Your Money Back​

Up next, we will prepare any forms needed to claim missed exemptions and help put procedures in place to prevent these issues from occurring in the future.


Get To Know Each Other

Your expert will work on getting to know your business and your record keeping methods. We’ll talk to some key players and check out your current system before we dive in.

Allegiant Partners Inc Video Testimonial
ECS Financial Services

Allegiant Partners Inc Video Testimonial

Along with overseeing and managing all of your tax assignments, we can help you manage your lease portfolio. ECS Financial specializes in the leasing industry, so we know the many complexities that come along with managing a leasing portfolio. Let us help your business.

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