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High Quality Assurance Services

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Financial Statement Audit, Review, and Compilation

At ECS we pride ourselves on offering high quality assurance services including audit, review, and compilation, with professionally prepared full-disclosure financial statements.

Benefits of ECS’ attestation & financial statement preparation services:

  • Knowledge of all types of businesses, ranging from manufacturing to service to equipment financing

  • Personalized attention and advice from highly qualified professionals

  • Time-tested, cost-efficient procedures developed over the past 50 years

  • Effective quality control to ensure services provided are of the highest quality

  • Flexibility to tailor our attestation services to meet the needs of your company


At ECS Financial Services, we take pride in the professional quality of the financial statements we issue. Our internal control procedures and annual peer reviews keep us focused on all aspects of the assurance service process from staff training and continuing education, to work paper and review procedures.

Allegiant Partners Inc Video Testimonial
ECS Financial Services

Allegiant Partners Inc Video Testimonial

ECS Fact
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We have an A+ Peer Rating

ECS has successfully passed each annual peer review of the assurance services process, i.e. financial statement audit, review, and compilation, conducted on our firm since the program’s inception in 1982.

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