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Find the Best Applicants with Recruiting Builder™

The hiring process can be overwhelming if you don’t have the means to properly evaluate each candidate. Pouring through resumes isn’t practical in today’s recruiting landscape. Through a series of tests and qualifying questions on ECS’ Recruiting Builder™ platform, we can quickly identify top candidates based on a variety of criteria and filter through a multitude of applicants with ease. Let ECS find your company new talent that you can brag about.


We use Recruiting Builder™ to get you the best potential hires

  • Incorporates resume information on a grander scale of tests and questions

  • Tests applicants on job specific questions, personality traits, and common knowledge

  • Quantifies the quality of each candidate

  • Zeros in on the best candidates to interview by phone

  • Includes test results, resumes, and interview notes in one cohesive evaluation


Internally developed aptitude testing included in the online application process assesses job seekers using various performance metrics, provides comparison to other applicants, and helps identify top candidates meeting the specific requirements of your position.  Once we have collected data on viable candidates, ECS will provide you with resumes, test results, preliminary interview notes, and recommended candidates for further consideration. 

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“We wouldn’t have been able to jump start our division with minimal staff if it weren’t for ECS providing invaluable input and expertise from a lease accounting and tax perspective.”

-Marita Kosco,

Wintrust Capital

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“ECS has been a tremendous, valued resource that we use on a daily basis. They have been an accounting expertise that we have relied upon strategically for a litany of projects over the past 15 years. ECS is truly invaluable to our business.”

-Michael Green,

Dakota Financial, LLC

Specialty Funding Group

“I’ve dealt with ECS for many years and admire their professionalism and Midwest work ethics. I really believe that ECS put me on the right track to organize and grow my business. Who could ask for anything more?”

-Bob Underwood,

Specialty Funding

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Over 54,000 Applicants Screened

ECS has screened over 54,000 candidates in our Recruiting Builder™ hiring platform, in order to help our clients determine top potential applicants for your job posting.

54,000 applicants scanned recruiting builder ECS financial services
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At ECS, we are experts in lease portfolio management. We know the complexities that come along with trying to manage your leasing portfolio while balancing other business needs. Let us help you make sense of it all.

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