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IRS Announcement: Introducing New Business Tax Accounts for Enhanced Services

In an effort to enhance taxpayer services and embrace technology, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has taken a significant step forward. On October 20, the IRS announced the launch of new business tax accounts, marking a pivotal move towards a more tech-friendly approach. The initial release is specifically tailored for sole proprietors.

Key Features of the Business Tax Accounts:

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: Businesses, starting with sole proprietors, now have access to an array of features aimed at streamlining interactions with the IRS.

  2. Comprehensive Services: Over time, businesses will be able to:

  • Check tax payment history

  • Make payments securely

  • View notices and communications

  • Authorize powers of attorney

  • Conduct various other business transactions with the IRS.

Initial Phase Highlights:

  • The initial phase focuses on unincorporated sole proprietors with an active employer identification number (EIN).

  • Sole proprietors can now set up a business tax account, providing them the ability to view their business profile and manage authorized users seamlessly.

What's Next: The IRS envisions expanding these capabilities to include a broader spectrum of businesses, fostering an environment where companies can efficiently manage their tax-related affairs in one centralized platform.

Benefits for Unincorporated Sole Proprietors:

  • Efficiently manage tax affairs with a dedicated business tax account.

  • Access a comprehensive view of the business profile.

  • Streamlined authorization management for designated users.

As this initiative progresses, businesses can expect an enriched and user-friendly experience when engaging with the IRS. Stay tuned for updates on further enhancements and expansions to the business tax account features.

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About The Author - Kimberly Siegel, CPA, is a Tax Partner at ECS Financial Services, a CPA firm located in Northbrook, IL. She has worked in public accounting for more than 30 years, representing clients in business and personal income tax across a wide variety of industries. Kim’s areas of expertise include tax planning, multi-state tax compliance, and income tax audits, while managing multi-state sales tax compliance, conducts sales tax research, and represents clients in sales tax audits. She is also experienced in accounting and financial statement preparation and analysis.


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