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Eight Ways to Increase Your Profits

Five Digital Marketing Trends to Get More Customers by Anne Dalgaard

Increasing your profits might sound like a dream just out of your reach. But there are several approaches you can take to maximize your company’s profits. Once you understand what they are, you’ll have clarity on how to best reach your goals. There are two primary ways to increase profits:

  • Raise revenue

  • Lower expenses

That’s not particularly enlightening or instructional, is it? Let’s look at the four ways you can increase revenues and the four ways you can reduce expenses to identify specific actions you can take. Four Ways to Increase Revenue

  1. Raise prices The easiest way to raise revenue is to simply raise prices. However, this is not foolproof and assumes you’ll be able to maintain the volume of sales you’ve achieved in the past. This method is also limited by market demand; what your customers are willing to pay. Success with this strategy will come from your ability to sell the value of your service or product.

  2. Add new customers Adding new customers is what most entrepreneurs think about when increasing revenue. Increasing your marketing or adding new marketing methods is typically the way to add new customers. Another related option is to work hard to keep the customers you already have. You can also potentially contact the customers you lost and ask them to come back.

  3. Introduce new products or services For some companies, your products and services are changing every year. For others, status quo is more the norm. To increase revenue, consider adding new products or services that will bring in an additional revenue stream that you didn’t have before. Even if your products are changing every year, you can consider adding something completely different that your customer base would love. For example, a hair salon could add a nail desk, a clothing store could add handbags or shoes, a grocery store could add a coffee bar, a restaurant could add catering, a landscaper could add hardscaping, and so on.

  4. Acquisition The final way a business can increase revenue is to acquir