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Benefits of Using the ECS Client Portal

ECS Article- Mission-Critical Services...Benefits of Using the ECS Client Portal

Providing Exceptional Customer Service is important to us here at ECS, and that includes offering clients the ability to access important documents anytime and from anywhere. The ECS Portal is a state of the art web-based application that offers secure electronic communication between our office and our clients’ computers. It allows for the encrypted, bi-directional transmission and storage of electronic data. With the Portal, our clients have easy, 24/7 access to send, receive and store important financial documents, including tax returns and financial statements. Clients also have the ability to deliver files to ECS through the Portal. And with no size limit associated with file uploads to the Portal, even very large files, like QuickBooks data, are easily accommodated. The security of our clients’ sensitive information is of primary concern at ECS Financial Services, Inc., and the Portal helps to achieve our file management and data security goals. The Portal runs on secure servers and offers 256-bit SSL encryption with password-protected access, secure file encryption, automatic virus scans on all stored files, and secure firewalls to protect against outside intruders. The Portal works on both PC and Mac computers and uses the Microsoft Silverlight 3 platform, which you can quickly download and install if needed. The installation is completely safe and typically takes less than a minute to complete. In addition, each client has the ability to use the Portal for more than just collaborating with your accountant at ECS and storing important financial information. The Portal allows clients the flexibility of adding staff members, or third-party users such as lawyers and bankers, to access files on their account, with the capability of limiting the files or folders these users can access. This can be helpful in situations where ECS, our client, and their third party contacts collaborate on a regular basis. If you are a client interested in using the ECS Portal, please call or email your ECS contact to request activation. We will send you a quick form to complete, a Portal Quick Start Guide, and access to a short video that covers Portal basics, including logging in, downloading files, and adding files. Once we create your portal, you will receive a few introductory e-mail notifications with additional information and your specific login credentials. We hope you enjoy the convenience that this state of the art software offers, as well as peace of mind knowing that we handle your sensitive information using only the most sophisticated security measures.

2015 Tax Due Dates:

October 31st –

3rd quarter 2015 employer payroll tax returns due.

November 30th –

Monthly Illinois wage report for October due (employers with 25 or more employees).

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About The Author - Tobey Wilson joined ECS Financial Services in 2002 as an accounting intern, after receiving his Bachelor of Accounting Degree from Indiana University. He has earned both the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Lease Financial Professional (CLFP) designations. His expertise includes financial statement compilations, reviews and audits, ERISA audits, financial projections, business and personal tax preparation, management and consulting as well as personal and corporate tax planning. As of January of 2015, Tobey was promoted to shareholder of ECS. Tobey is active in his church where he holds the title of treasurer, and he enjoys spending his free time with his family.


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