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New Partnership Creates Powerful CEO Financial Benchmarking Service For Equipment Finance Companies

Rinaldi Advisory Services and ECS Financial Services, Inc. announce the immediate rollout of a valuable financial tool for CEOs and principals of equipment leasing and finance companies. The deep industry expertise of Rinaldi and ECS are combined to provide CEOs and principals with regularly updated integral data analysis tools developed by the leading-edge programmers at Liventus. These financial tools will integrate data from a company's historical financial statements, application data, and staffing metrics into powerful proprietary models, updated and delivered each month electronically in a spreadsheet, chart, and graph formats, along with ready to use PowerPoint slides. Combining this financial data with monthly virtual meetings, Rinaldi and ECS will help identify areas of strength and weakness and provide recommendations for improving processes, financial performance, and ultimately scaling up. Never again will CEOs and principals be left scrambling to cobble together last-minute presentations for investors, shareholders, or financial institutions. Learn more than this press release can possibly explain by following our link C3A.

Rinaldi notes that "This is a tool I wish I had available to me when running my past companies. It will be indispensable to CEOs and principals in developing strategies for continuous improvements, identifying unproductive costs, and focusing on growth." ECS' Nancy Geary adds, "This tool provides the best of both worlds - combining Bob's first-hand industry knowledge with ECS's extensive management experience and financial expertise is a win-win proposition. It's a unique opportunity to draw upon valuable industry expertise to turn your management team into a powerful board of directors."

ECS' Tobey Wilson spearheaded the development of the new tool on behalf of ECS and RAS. "It is exciting to see so much energy dedicated to an affordable resource for brokers and lessors, whose CEOs and principals' efforts are so dedicated to running the day-to-day operations that they can't always find time for big picture thinking," says Wilson. "This combination of data analytics and monthly consultations can really help them with long-term planning and the development and implementation of process improvements."

About Rinaldi Advisory Services

Rinaldi Advisory Services provides consulting services to independent lessors, financial institutions, and industry service providers. His services predominantly encompass new business development and confidential advisory services to CEOs and principals. With Rinaldi Advisory Services, CEOs and principals are no longer in the loneliest positions in business!

You can reach Bob Rinaldi at

About ECS Financial Services

ECS Financial Services, Inc. is one of only a few CPA firms in the United States dedicated to providing specialized services to the equipment leasing industry. Their lease management team of highly skilled accountants and tax specialists is experienced in providing quality professional services. Their efforts are enhanced by state-of-the-art, industry-specific software.

ECS is driven by its mission to provide clients with world-class services. With a leasing industry focus, ECS offers a variety of services from portfolio management to sales, personal property, and income tax planning, research, and compliance, to financial statement reporting. ECS' clients benefit from their staff of experts who not only listen but take the time to thoroughly understand their needs and objectives. Clients get the experience and capability of a large-scale accounting firm with a small business's personal attention.

You can reach Tobey Wilson, CPA, CLFP, at

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