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ECS Financial Services Unveils New Website




Northbrook, IL, October 4, 2016 — ECS Financial Services is pleased to announce the launch of the new version of their website, The drastically improved website features a responsive design and focuses on ECS’ commitment to providing superior financial services for the leasing industry.


The website now provides visitors with detailed information on services ranging from portfolio management to tax preparation to hiring support. The new design is intended to guide the visitor quickly to the information they desire while providing a visually pleasing user experience.


The main features of the new website include:

  • Updated content detailing the company’s leasing industry expertise

  • Interactive and responsive design that highlights important services and information

  • Downloadable information on ECS services

  • Testimonials from satisfied clients

  • Contact information and photos of the management team


    The sleek, user-friendly design begins at the homepage. It allows visitors to easily choose which services they would like to explore and emphasizes ECS Financial’s leasing industry expertise. The visual appeal of the website reflects the company’s goal of ensuring customer satisfaction and ease of interaction.


    “ECS is committed to providing portfolio services for the equipment financing industry. Our new website represents this commitment and outlines in detail the various services that we provide,” said Sam Oliva, ECS Financial Services’ CEO. “I am certain users will find our new site incredibly helpful in getting to know us and learning more about the services we provide.”


    As the user moves through the site, they can quickly find the information pertinent to their visit. The new site not only lists the services offered but also explains their importance to the leasing industry. The interactive subsections of the website give easy access to necessary information about ECS’ various services. Each service is explained and many are accompanied by downloadable brochures that highlight the key aspects of the service.


    In addition to the typical information seen on websites, visitors can now read testimonials from respected clients, view a directory of company leaders complete with contact information, and explore a calendar of events with information on upcoming conferences ECS will be attending.