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Monitor Converge




Philadelphia, PA, USA

Monitor Converge

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Monitor hosted its first Converge event in Philadelphia. The “un-conference conference” turned over a stone in our industry as we explored the possibilities of creating the future together through true innovation. Converge was a realization that we need more than an event to get together over cocktails – we need a dynamic opportunity to open conversations about the future and answers questions we all have in our back pocket.

Register today on the Monitor Daily website! We hope to see you there.

The Quiet Parts 2-Day Conference

With crowdsourced, “quiet parts” dynamic discussions and workshops in which peers connect to tackle the issues facing our industry; an award ceremony that recognizes and elevates front office, back office and teams; and networking that goes beyond cocktail reunions and into collaboration opportunities, Converge delivers an equipment finance industry event experience like no other.

Click here for information about Converge 2024 Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitators.

Meet Shari at the Event

Shari Lipski, CLFP

Principal at ECS Financial Services

20 Years of Industry Experience

  • Equipment Leasing &
    Finance Foundation Trustee

  • Industry Instructor &
    Published Writer

  • Leasing News, Advisory
    Board Chair

Connect before or at the show to see how she can help set your business up for success.

Or Call 847-897-1711

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing and managing a
    lease portfolio.

  • Back-office leasing
    company operations.

  • Sales and personal property
    tax compliance.

  • Portfolio Consulting

Lease Portfolio Management

Expertise in handling

numerous aspects across various

types of business.

Lease Portfolio Servicing

Quality professionalism in
managing your portfolio.

Tax Compliance

Taxes can be confusing. No matter the size of your business, we can help you make sense of it.

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