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5 Metrics to Gauge Your Business Performance

Sometimes, the most telling numbers in your business are not necessarily on the monthly financial statements. Although the foundation of your finances revolves around the balance sheet and income statement, there are a few numbers that, when known and tracked, can make a huge impact on your business decision-making. Here are five: 1. Revenue per Employee Even if you are a solo business owner, revenue per employee can be an interesting number. It’s easy to compute: take total revenue for the year and divide by the number of employees you had during the year. You may need to average the number if you had turnover, or adjust it for part-time employees. Whether your number is good or bad depends

Automated Analytics and the Hiring Process: Big Data Comes to HR

Recruiting great people is the life blood of any business. Posting a job and then reviewing hundreds - or thousands - of resumes by hand is not only time consuming but it can be fairly unscientific. Recruiting is too important of a function to leave to chance. Automating some of the filtering and testing of candidates ensures that you only review the most qualified and motivated people. Here is how we automated our hiring process. Finish reading "Automated Analytics and the Hiring Process" on

Work Smarter: Outsourcing for Leasing Companies

Shari Lipski, Principal at ECS, writes for The Monitor about how outsourcing back-office functions can free up critical resources at your leasing company. Leasing businesses run complex businesses, often across state lines and in a variety of industries. We have seen many leasing companies become subsumed in the complexity of the accounting involved - including sales tax rules, collections and filings. Outsourcing accounting and other back-office functions at leasing companies can free up valuable resources. Read the Full Article on Monitor Daily.



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