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4 Questions CEOs Need to Ask Their CFO About the New Bonus Depreciation Tax Code

It’s never too early for businesses to plan for the future. Congress recently made changes to the tax code involving accounting rules applying to the first-year bonus depreciation of equipment for your business. ECS Shareholder Nancy Geary walks you through the proper questions CEOs should ask their CFO’s regarding the new bonus depreciation tax. Finish reading "4 Questions CEOs Need to Ask Their CFO..." on

Importance of Tax Compliance Strategies

Now More Than Ever... As State Revenue Departments Grow Hungrier, Tax Compliance Strategies Gain Importance. These days, the risks of overlooking tax liabilities have never been higher, and the benefits are quite compelling for companies that can prove compliance. Furthermore, with states across the nation facing serious budget deficits, state revenue departments are becoming more aggressive in seeking out companies that are neglecting their tax obligations. What if there was a tool that could help you obtain credit at reduced rates, secure higher prices on portfolio sales, give you access to new lenders or make your company more valuable to prospective buyers? This article, by Shari L. Lips

Essentials of a Successful Portfolio Purchase

Caveat emptor — let the buyer beware! Although buying leases is the engine that drives many companies, numerous owners and executives do not understand the fundamentals of evaluating a portfolio for purchase or the magnitude of risk that each acquisition presents. Without investing the time to evaluate fundamentals such as the seller, the leases, the equipment and your own business, you are literally flying blind. You may be relatively new to the leasing industry, but you have ambitious plans for success. So you’re understandably excited to learn about an opportunity to buy a large portfolio of leases that would grow your business tremendously. Your first meeting with the seller is promising



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